How to modify your Hawk Helium climbing sticks – A step by step guide for dummies like me.

Modifying your Hawk Helium Sticks is easy to do. But be careful! Anytime you modify your gear, you’re taking a safety risk. You could get hurt or die! Do so at your own risk.

This is a step by step process for how to modify a set of Hawk Helium Climbing Sticks. I use this with a DIY Aider (video coming soon) to get over 20’ for less than 7 lbs. Overall the sticks are 22” long with a 20” step. However, you can make them whatever length you want. It’s easy to adjust. They nest perfectly together with my rubber feet mod.

Dave Toms is the inspiration for this video. Thanks Dave!
I also stole some ideas from the DIY Sportsmand. Thanks Garrett!

Cheapest Hawk Heliums here
Get your Mini VersaStraps here
Get your rubber feet here
Get your Instamorph here…kCode=ic6&ascsubtag=amzn1.ideas.1XVYGJZZUSYON
Here is how I painted my Sticks

Nuts & Bolts Needed
Drill Bit for Stand Offs and Steps = ¼”
Drill Bit for Rubber Feet = 24
Screws for Rubber Feet = 10-24 @ ¾” long
VersaButton = 1 ½” long 1/4×20 Stainless Bolt. (you might want to upgrade to a Grade 8 Bolt) 1” Fender Washer ⅜” wide aluminum spacer
Bungee Cord = I have no idea what bungee cord I used. It was lying in the garage so it got cut up. It is approximately ¼” in diameter and it’s camo. I like it.

Here are the stick lengths

Here is the step-by-step video. Hopefully it helps someone.

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